Get Stoned


Hi y'all, my name is Taylor Deering the creative behind Get Stoned. It started a few years back on a very casual note. My sister Molly and I had the idea to start a side biz. She is the creative and has made some of her own jewelry here and there for a while. so I thought, why not--lets do it.  I, do not have that creative gene (yet) but agreed to do the social media part of this while she made the pieces. We agreed to start simple and make chokers. It has stuck and I am extremely happy with that. 

We sold a few necklaces here and there but nothing too crazy or strenuous. Molly soon picked up and headed to Seattle to check it out and I was still here in Austin left with a "small" demand of necklaces sprinkled on me. I realized I had to learn how to make them on my own, so I did. Here I am 2 years later trying to actually get this business going. I originally started with JUST the chokers but recently have expanded my horizon and have learned a few new tricks. I will be adding in a few malas and caged/wrapped stones when I feel like it. 

I  take every purchase on myself, I don't have anyone else working for or with me. I hand pick the stones, and create each necklace by myself in my spare time. Each stone is different and each necklace is unique. It has been a great learning experience and I'm hoping that this is just the beginning. I have learned mounds about myself and my creative side. Most of all I have developed a creative side I didn't know I had. 

My plan is to grow Get Stoned into something much more successful in the near future & that would not be possible without you guys, so THANK YOU for every purchase!